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About Me

Hi there!

 My name is Anita Holland, I am an aged care nurse by day and passionate about DIY the rest of the time. In mid-2016 I was looking for a hobby to pass the time now my kids had flown the coop. My first ever project was an epoxy resin clock which turned out so great I decided to give DIY a go.

Between my son and my husband, I had a large supply of tools so I was all set to go.  Being a beginner I was not happy to spend large amounts of money on wood.  I knew I would feel guilty if I messed it up and the money was wasted. To take the pressure out of my learning process I started practicing on old furniture.  Sanding them down and adding new stains and varnish. 

I would sell my projects which would pay for the supplies for the next one.  I started looking at my local Facebook buy, swap, and sell sites for cheap furniture. And to my surprise, I found people were actually giving away furniture that was in very poor shape.  I would accept any furniture which I then stripped down and recycled all the parts into my projects.  And before I knew it, I had people in our small town offering me their old furniture for free.  It has now become my “thing” to try and build all my projects using mainly recycled materials. 

Started a blog

I was asked on many occasions how I made a certain project, so I started doing step-by-step tutorials for fun. In November 2016 I started posting my projects on DIY websites, and they have proved to be very popular.  For a short period of time, I did make furniture to order but I found it took the joy out of my hobby. I now try and come up with new DIY and craft ideas which I share across a few websites. Along the way, I tried my hand at mixed media art and found I had a knack for it.  And you will see it creeping into some of my home decor projects. 

Hope you enjoy browsing my projects and please feel free to comment and share.