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How to add colour to Shou Sugi Ban

How to add colour to Shou sugi ban

A few months ago, I made this wall hanging and the feedback was amazing.   It is one of my most popular projects and everyone wanted to know what I used to add the colours.  In this post, I will share how I coloured the Shou sugi ban and what products I used. Continue Reading →

Multi-coloured Wood Wall Hanging

How to burn scrap wood and add colour to your wall hanging using Shou Sugi Ban.

I have recently discovered Shou sugi Ban and I must be honest and say I am totally addicted.  I have so many ideas flying around in my head for projects I want to make.  The idea for this project was to create a multi-coloured Shou Sugi Ban wall hanging to go under my pergola. Continue Reading →

Unicorn Spit Shou Sugi Ban

DIY house number made using Shou sugi ban wood burning technique and stained using unicorn spit stain and glaze.

I have recently discovered Shou sugi ban, and I must admit I am totally loving the look. For this project, I wanted to use Unicorn spit to add some colour to the wood. I only used a green stain for this project but with the Shou sugi ban burning I ended up with so many cool colours. Continue Reading →

How to make a trough table

Beer trough table

This table was one of the freebies I was given.  I had no idea at first what to do with it because the top was so damaged and the end had been cut off. But it was such a good size I wanted to try and make a trough table out of it. Continue Reading →

How to make your SPiT Sparkle

Windchime makeover

Being a DIY blogger I am always trying to find the best light and background to photograph my projects.  As we all know a good photo can make a big difference in how popular a project will be.  If you have a boring photo there is a good chance people will not click on the link.  While I was taking some photos the other day I noticed my wind chime was looking really drab and dull. So the wind chime became my next victim for a makeover. Continue Reading →

How to use Unicorn SPiT on Glass

Unicorn spit on g

Nowadays Unicorn SPiT stain and glaze projects seem to be popping up everywhere.  You only have to look at Pinterest and craft sites and you see so many great ideas on how to use this product.  My favourite use for Unicorn SPiT is to use it on the inside of the glass. Continue Reading →

How to Make a Unicorn Spit Glass Planter

How to apply Unicorn Spit To Glass

Like so many other Unicorn Spitters out there I am always on the lookout for new items to spit on.  After my daughter left home I found her old goldfish bowl (no fish inside) in her bedroom, and I thought it would look great as a Unicorn Spit Glass lamp. But I did not like the end project so it became a Unicorn Spit glass planter. Continue Reading →

Old Chair Gets a Unicorn Spit Makeover

Unicorn spit project ideas

I bought Unicorn Spit after seeing it on many of the DIY sites I subscribe to.  And my very generous husband treated me to a full set of colours. From the time it arrived,  I was on the lookout for a piece of furniture to try it out on.  Being a  Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain & Glaze virgin I wanted to start off small. One of the main attractions was that you can still see the wood grain through the stain. Continue Reading →

How to use Unicorn Spit and Metallic paint on Baubles

Unicorn spit Christmas baubles

If you have not heard of Unicorn Spit Stain and Glaze in one you are missing out.  This product is so great, it is a non-toxic gel stain that can be used on many surfaces.  I think the main use was for blending colours on wood.  Which becomes translucent and you can see the wood grain through the colour.  But my favourite is Unicorn Spit on glass.  And the best thing about Unicorn Spit is you need no skill to use it on glass and every piece is unique. It worked so well I thought I would try Unicorn Spit on the plastic baubles for our Christmas tree. Continue Reading →