How to Make a Unicorn Spit Glass Planter

How to apply Unicorn Spit To Glass

Like so many other Unicorn Spitters out there I am always on the lookout for new items to spit on.  After my daughter left home I found her old goldfish bowl (no fish inside) in her bedroom, and I thought it would look great as a Unicorn Spit Glass lamp. But I did not like the end project so it became a Unicorn Spit glass planter.

Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain & Glaze is such a great product and can be used on many different surfaces.  My personal preference is glass.  You do not need any experience and every piece you make is totally unique.  It is non-toxic and can safely be used by children. 

How to apply Unicorn Spit To Glass

How to use Unicorn Spit on Glass

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Prepare the glass

To start this project you have to make sure the glass you are using is clean and has no greasy residue on the glass or the Unicorn Spit will not stick.   If your Unicorn Spit does not flow freely you can add a small amount of water to the unicorn spit.  When I dilute my unicorn spit I always do it in a spare bottle, in case I need a more concentrated colour in the future.

Unicorn spit on glass

For this project, I used Unicorn SPiT Midnight’s blackness which is a black and Unicorn SPiT Dragon’s belly which is the green.  You can use any colours you like but if you are going to be using the black use it sparingly as it will dominate the other colours. 

How to apply Unicorn Spit To Glass

Adding the Unicorn Spit Stain and Glaze

Add your Unicorn Spit to your goldfish bowl by pouring small amounts randomly around the bowl.  I have found that my patterns look better when I start at the top of the bowl and let the Unicorn Spit just roll down the sides.  I used my green first so that the black would not blend in too much with the green.  Too much blending gives you dirty colours.

How to apply Unicorn Spit To Glass

I was very impatient with this project because the Unicorn Spit was taking so long to move around the bowl. I have an air compressor and I thought I would try using it to move the Unicorn spit around the bowl faster. My first blast of air gave me a face full of Unicorn Spit lucky it is non-toxic and water-based. Lesson learnt, I turned the air pressure right down and used very short blasts of air for about 30cm away. That gave me the look I was after. If you let the unicorn spit run on it own it will look like this vase that got a makeover.  If you do not have an air compressor this compressed air will do the trick. Or maybe just blowing through a straw might work.

How to apply Unicorn Spit To Glass

You can keep blasting it with the air until you are happy with the pattern. I let my green dry first before I added the black, just my personal preference.  Instructions say you can do them all together.  Unicorn spit dries very quickly, mine took 20 minutes in the sun.  If you want it to dry straight away a heat gun or hairdryer can be used. You can tell when it is dry because the Unicorn Spit looks dull and powdery.

How to apply Unicorn Spit To Glass

How to create the veins

Once I was happy with the green I added a diluted black to the rim around the bowl and let it run down.  To form the cracks you need to add water to the Unicorn spit.  To add the water you use a spray bottle set to fin mist and add 3 sprays. Now place the bowl upside down on some paper to dry. 

How to make a Unicorn Spit Glass Planter

It is the fine mist of water the forms the cracks.  It is basically washing away the Unicorn Spit.  The image below is how the bowl should look from the outside when dry.  Wipe away any excess Unicorn spit from the  rim of the bowl so the gold spray paint will stick better

How to make a Unicorn Spit Glass Planter

Adding the metallic gold spray paint

Your bowl at this time will look like a hot mess.  But don’t despair this is where the magic happens.  I used metallic gold spray paint and added 2 coats on the inside of the bowl letting the first coat dry before adding the second.  Make sure you wipe away any excess overspray that you get on the outside of the bowl.

How to make a Unicorn Spit Glass Planter

To add an extra coat of protection I added two coats of Spray Satin Ultra Exterior Polyurethane to the inside of the bowl.  And my awesome bowl was complete.

How to make a Unicorn Spit Glass Planter

Adding the plants

By now I am sure my fellow Unicorn Spitters are jumping up and down because they know you can not use Unicorn Spit with water. When unicorn spit gets wet it will reactive and can be easily washed away, even with the protective coat.  The slightest scratch can break the seal and water can get in. I used a plastic plant pot and a takeaway container to plant my plants in first.  I put some large pebbles in the bottom of my pot for drainage and added my succulent potting soil.  You add the takeaway container to catch any excess water you may add my accident.

How to make a Unicorn Spit Glass Planter

I filled the sides up with dry soil to hold my pot plant in place and added some pebbles to the top to hide the plant pot inside.

How to make a Unicorn Spit Glass Planter

An up-close view of the detail in the bowl.  Unicorn Spit now has a sparkling range which would make this even more beautiful.

How to make a Unicorn Spit Glass Planter

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How to apply unicorn Spit stain and Glaze to a glass planter

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Make your own Unicorn spit planter
How to make a Unicorn Spit Planter
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    I have followed your directions trying to make a beautiful bowl/vase like yours but can not get mine to form the fine cracks. I did the water spray and turned it upside down. Nothing, I sprayed more water, nothing.

    Does the Unicorn Spit layer have to be quite thin to form cracks?

    Any ideas/hints would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Reply
      Anita Holland
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      Hi Karen, The unicorn spit does need to be able to flow freely. I know some of my colours are thicker than other, you can add some water and give it a good shake. If it is too thick you will not get the cracks you can also try spraying more water inside to dilute the unicorn spit. Let me know if you need any more help.

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    This looks like it would be a gorgeous technique to use on Christmas ornaments! Ooh or garden decor – I think I just got an idea for something… Thank you so much for sharing your project!

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