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3D Wooden Wall Art

Scrap wood wall art

This week’s post is our next challenge for our international blogger group.  This month’s challenge was “Hang her up” which is down to interpretation, so I made  3D wooden wall art using a 4×4 fencing post.  This was a fairly straightforward project, but the results are mind-blowing “literally”.  I sit and look at it at times and the design messes with your eyes. More about IBC is at the bottom of this post. Continue Reading →

Porch Welcome Sign

This week’s project was a request from my daughter to make a porch welcome sign for her front door.  She is a huge dog fan so I created a porch sign with a silhouette for each dog breed that she has. Having 4 dogs you can imagine all the noise they all make when they get excited to see visitors.  She is also hoping the sign will be a deterrent for would-be thieves.  Thieves don’t need to know they have more chance of being licked to death than being bitten. Continue Reading →

Pallet Wood Heart

Pallet wood project ideasA new year and lots of new exciting challenges for our international blogger’s group.  Our first challenge this year is the “Pallet parade”.  The challenge is to create something using pallets. More about IBC is at the bottom of this post. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, I wanted to create a pallet wood heart and I used the scraps to make some wooden robots to make a cute wall hanging. Continue Reading →

Gouge Ball Shou Sugi Ban Art

A few months ago I posted some wooden wall art panels with a unique abalone effect that I discovered by mistake. This post has become one of my most popular posts because it was so unique. I had so many compliments on this wall art but I also got a few comments saying that it looks too hard. While I personally found them easy to make the process is very time-consuming. Today I will share how I cut my work time in half by using a gouge ball to create this Shou sugi ban wall art. Continue Reading →

Bamboo Steamer Toilet Roll Holder

As usual, my two Jack Russel terrorists were the inspiration for this project. They have recently taken to stealing our toilet paper rolls and ripping them apart.  I have always had them stored on a pole on the floor next to the toilet. This meant I had to try and come up with a way to store the extra toilet rolls on the wall rather than the floor.  Upcycling a large bamboo steamer worked perfectly as wall mounted toilet roll holder. Continue Reading →

Broken Terracotta Pot Planter

Repurposed broken terracotta pot They have done it again! The latest victim of my two Jack Russell terrorists was my beautiful terracotta pot. It has become a regular occurrence for them to destroy things around our home.  I was hoping they would have outgrown that destructive stage by now, but no such luck.  On a positive note, they do keep me in project ideas. And converting that broken terracotta pot into a planter was my next project. Continue Reading →

Leather belt wall hanging

Repurpose old belts

I approached my local charity shop and asked them if they would be able to collect the damaged belts that were in poor condition and said I would pay for them.  Little did I know I would end up with loads of them.  I hate wastage so I wanted to try and turn them into something I could use in my home.  This leather belt wall hanging was the result. Continue Reading →

DIY Wire Wind Spinner

It is time for our next International blogger club challenge (IBC) and this month’s theme was “Wired”.  The challenge was to create something using wire, this DIY wire wind spinner was my contribution. This wire wind spinner was very quick and easy to make and looks great hanging in the tree in my garden. More about (IBC) at the end of this post. Continue Reading →

Restoration of Captain’s Chair

How to restore a vintage captain's chair

This captain’s chair was sitting outside in the rain at my chiropractor’s office waiting to go into the skip. During my treatment, I mentioned the chair to him and asked if I could have the chair to practice on.  I had never restored a Captain’s chair before and thought it would be good practice for me. If l failed I had lost nothing but my time and the chair could continue its journey to the tip.

Continue Reading →

Scrap Wood Mirror

DIY wood frame made from scraps of wood

Recently, I have been making projects from scrap wood to try and reduce my scrap woodpile. For this project, I wanted to try and use some of the smaller wood scraps to decorate a mirror frame. Continue Reading →

Replacing retractable awning canvas

DIY awning fabric replacement

I have recently painted the inside and outside of my house.  I was so proud of myself for doing this and stood back to admire my hard work and straight away these awful blinds jumped out at me.  They were so faded and were literally falling apart from sitting outside in the elements for so long. I felt it was definitely time to replace my retractable awning canvas fabric Continue Reading →

Geometric Lion Wall Hanging

I have recently taken a few months off from blogging to repaint the inside and outside of my house.  Instead of putting the same wall decor back up, I wanted to create all new ones. My bedroom decor is all heavy wood with African themed bedding, so I wanted to try and create a geometric lion wall hanging made from faux leather. Continue Reading →