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Steampunk Jelly Bean Dispenser

Jelly bean dispenser

If you follow my blog, you will know that besides DIY I also love to do mixed media art.  I am always on the lookout for interesting items that I can turn into unique home decor by giving them a mixed media art makeover. On a recent visit to our local markets, I spotted this jelly bean dispenser in one of the junk boxes.  I knew straight away I would be giving, this jelly bean dispenser a steampunk makeover. Continue Reading →

How to add texture to mixed media art

How to add texture to mixed media art

This weeks post is our next IBC (International bloggers club) Challenge. Our theme this month is “All bottled up”, the challenge is to create a project using a bottle in some way.  If you follow my Facebook page you will know that doing mixed media art bottles is a hobby of mine.   I felt like I was cheating in this challenge because I felt it was going to be easy for me. More about IBC at the end of this post. Continue Reading →

Steampunk Book Lamp

DIY Steampunk Lamp

This weeks post is our first IBC (International bloggers club) Challenge of 2022. Our theme this month is “Bodacious Books”, the challenge is to create a project using a book in some way. My idea for this project was to create a lamp with a book as the base.  And if you follow my blog you will know I am steampunk mad, so it will be no surprise that I chose to make a steampunk-themed book for my lamp. Continue Reading →

Upcycled teapot

I was cleaning out my kitchen cupboards the other day and came across this old teapot.  It was purchased about 20 years ago at a car boot sale for £1 when I lived in the UK.  Why I bought it I have no idea because I never drink tea. I hated the idea of throwing it away so I thought I would upcycle it into a steampunk-themed teapot. Continue Reading →

Steampunk Mannequin

Mixed media Mannequin art

I have always wanted to decorate a Mannequin but I was never lucky enough to find one. I always knew it would be a Steampunk mannequin because I am steampunk mad at the moment. So when I spotted this half mannequin in a thrift shop I could not control my excitement. Continue Reading →

20 Steampunk Project Ideas

If you’re a lover of science fantasy, industrial technology and vintage then these steampunk projects will be right up your street.  I am a total steampunk fan and somehow steampunk always seems to creep into many of my projects in some way, shape or form. I also like to try and make unique projects that you don’t see every day.  For this post, I have put together a round-up of  20 Steampunk Project Ideas. Continue Reading →

Steampunk Sock Gnomes

Steampunk gnome

Who doesn’t love a sock gnome?  They are just so quick and easy to make and they look just adorable.  I made some last year to decorate my house but thought it was time to have some steampunk sock gnomes. If you follow my blog you know I am steampunk mad so this just had to happen. Each steampunk sock gnome was given his own unique steampunk hat and styling. Continue Reading →

Steampunk Christmas Tree

Steampunk Christmas Tree

I don’t think this project will be a big surprise to people who follow my blog.  Because I have been steampunk mad all this year, a steampunk Christmas tree was inevitable.   The idea came from a comment on one of my other steampunk projects.  A lady said it would be interesting to see what I come up with for Christmas and she was hoping it was a Christmas tree. I saw that as a challenge and after some thought this was what I came up with. Continue Reading →

Steampunk Doorstop

Handmade doorstop made using cement and decorated in a steampunk theme. #steampunk #cementcraft #doorstop

Today’s post is our next  Int’l Bloggers Club challenge (IBC) and the theme this week is “Don’t Sweater The Small Stuff”.   We have to create a project using a sweater in any way, shape or form. I chose to make a steampunk doorstop. Continue Reading →

3D Steampunk Heart

Mixed media steampunk heart

If you follow my blog you will know last year I started doing steampunk and now I am totally addicted to it.  So with valentines day coming up a steampunk heart seemed like the most obvious choice of project.  But I wanted to take it a step further and try and make a 3D steampunk heart out of cardboard. Continue Reading →

Steampunk Prop Camera

DIY Cardboard prop camera with a mixed media makeover

Do you look at photos from other DIY Bloggers and get photo envy?  I do all the time, they have such beautiful stage photos, they put mine to shame. In a bid to improve my photos I wanted to make some photography props for staging. Because I am steampunk mad at the moment, a steampunk prop camera was first on my list. Continue Reading →