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How to Make a Steampunk Hat

Mixed media steampunk hat

Yes, you guessed it, I am back again with another steampunk project.  I have wanted to try and make a steampunk hat for a long time now but had no idea where to start.  I was recently cleaning out my shed and found this empty bucket that I used for storing bits and bobs.  Straight away a steampunk hat popped into my head, so I thought I would give it a try. Continue Reading →

Stiletto Ring Holder

Decorated mixed media shoes

Have you ever walked into a shoe store and seen a great pair of shoes and they are reduced to $10 so you have to have them.  You get home and put them on to find standing still in them is all you are capable of doing. That is what happened with these shoes, they were too high and I could not walk a step in them. I hated the idea of them going to waste so I gave them a makeover into a Stiletto ring holder. I am sure most of us ladies would love one of these Stiletto Ring Holders sitting on our dressers. Continue Reading →

Book repurposed into a Jewellery Box

Repurpose book

With the changes in technology, it is very sad to say but books are becoming redundant with the new generation. With the invention of E-readers, Ipads and Bluetooth headphones paper books will soon become a thing of the past.  The good old days of holding a book are becoming a rare sight. Continue Reading →

Steampunk Books

Steampunk prop books

I have been trying to make the final photos of my DIY projects more appealing to the eye. To do this I have been making some props to go with my photos.  A while ago I decorated some books in a steampunk style to enhance my photos. And I have recently been asked how I made them.  So I wanted to share with you the method I used to make these steampunk books. Continue Reading →

Mixed Media Steampunk Lamp

I am in the process of redecorating my spare room in a Steampunk theme, and no bedroom would be complete without a Lamp.  So here is my version of a steampunk lamp with an added feature of a mixed media makeover. These lamps are made using galvanized or brass pipes and fitting and you can be as creative as you like with the design.  Continue Reading →

Man Cave Sign


Canvas man shed sign

I was looking for ideas for a Father’s day gift that I could make using my Cricut.  Many men in Australia have a man cave or a men’s shed as they call them.  I thought a man cave sign with man cave rules would be a great idea.  I looked online for ideas and most of the man cave signs were all made as not to offend others or worded to be politically correct. Continue Reading →

Altered Bottle

I first discovered altered bottles on Pinterest and really loved them. The idea of recycling bottles that were heading to the landfill into something of beauty interested me. 

Continue Reading →

Cricut Custom Suitcase Protectors

Personalized suitcase protectors

Cricut Custom Suitcase Protectors was an idea for this project came to me a few months ago when we were going on holiday.  We were standing in the airport watching all the bags come around on the carousel and almost every second bag was a black bag.  And you guessed it, so was ours.  Continue Reading →