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Cricut Projects

Porch Welcome Sign

This week’s project was a request from my daughter to make a porch welcome sign for her front door.  She is a huge dog fan so I created a porch sign with a silhouette for each dog breed that she has. Having 4 dogs you can imagine all the noise they all make when they get excited to see visitors.  She is also hoping the sign will be a deterrent for would-be thieves.  Thieves don’t need to know they have more chance of being licked to death than being bitten. Continue Reading →

DIY Sliding door safety decals

This week’s post is the next challenge for our international blogger’s Club (IBC).  More about IBC is at the end of this post. Our theme this month is “Glass etching” which thankfully is down to interpretation.  Because I have done a post before on glass etching I wanted to try something different for this challenge. I thought it was time to try out my new etch sea glass vinyl and make new sliding door safety decals for my door. Unfortunately, the photos did not turn out so well due to photographing through the glass but they will give you an idea of how it will turn out. Continue Reading →

Hobbit Style Dog House

DIY wooden deluxe dog house

Late last year we added two new Jack Russell terriers puppies to our family and boy are they a handful. Their latest stunt is pushing my 14-year dog out of her bed so they can have it.  So my idea for this project was to make them a little hobbit style dog house of their own. Continue Reading →

Functional Kitchen Sign

DIY Sign

I was cleaning out my workshop the other day and found this cool panel of wood among my scrap wood.  My first thought was a kitchen sign. But to make it a little more Unique, it became a multi-functional kitchen sign. Continue Reading →

DIY Horseshoe Towel Rack

Handmade wooden towel rack

I was browsing Pinterest the other day and came across a similar horseshoe towel rack.  I clicked on the link had a quick look and then carried on browsing.  Next thing I know my Newsfeed is flooded with horseshoe towel racks.  So I took it as a sign that I should build one and give it my own unique touch. Continue Reading →

How to use Iron On Vinyl

Australia themed cushion

It has been over a year since I bought my Cricut vinyl cutter, so thought it was about time I tried something new.  I ordered this very cool looking Holographic sparkle iron-on mosaic vinyl, but I had no idea what to make with it.  Continue Reading →

How to Upcycle a Sand Timer

Sand timer

It is time again for this month’s International Blogger Club Challenge (IBC).  This month the topic was “Sands of Time”, we had to create something incorporating this theme into our project. I chose to upcycle an old sand timer that has been sitting in my cupboard for years. Continue Reading →

How to add Images to Wine Glasses

How to add images to glass

With Halloween coming around soon, it is time to start doing some Halloween decorations.  Because it is only one day people want to keep their crafts quick and easy.  And this project is just that.  Another good thing about this method is, after Halloween, you can soak off the designs and paint and your glasses are back to normal. Continue Reading →