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Rustic Fun Easter Decorations

Hi all, with Easter just around the corner it is time to see all the great Easter projects popping up everywhere, So I am joining in with these Rustic Fun Easter decorations.  Staying with my website theme of trying to make all my projects out of recycled materials, these guys were made from junk items I found around my workshop. They are not your usual  Easter decorations, but I hope you like them. It is also time for our next IBC (International Blogger challenge) and you guessed it, Easter Decoration or any Easter related project. More about IBC at the end of this post. Continue Reading →

LED Pet Memorial Plaque

Pet memorial

Recently my future Daughter in Law had to say goodbye to her beloved dog Mollie due to cancer.  Mollie had been a treasured member of the family for many years, so her passing was very heartbreaking for the family.  She was always there, whether you were happy, sad or even on the Loo to offer unconditionally love.  Continue Reading →

Man Cave Sign


Canvas man shed sign

I was looking for ideas for a Father’s day gift that I could make using my Cricut.  Many men in Australia have a man cave or a men’s shed as they call them.  I thought a man cave sign with man cave rules would be a great idea.  I looked online for ideas and most of the man cave signs were all made as not to offend others or worded to be politically correct. Continue Reading →

Elvis Presley Tribute Guitar

How to make an Elvis Presley Tribute Guitar

It is time again for this month’s International Blogger Club Challenge (IBC).  This month the topic was Rock & Roll, we had to create something incorporating the theme in our project. I chose Elvis Presley because he is still the King of Rock & Rock in my eyes, he was the first person that popped into my head. Continue Reading →

How to make a Dog Bandanna

Dog Bandanna

If you want to add a bit of colour and fun to your dog’s collar this post is for you. Our kids are all grown up and have flown the coup so our cute little Jack Russels have become the next victims for my craft projects. This month the topic for the Int’l Bloggers Club was “Flannel”.  I made my dogs these cute Flannel dog bandannas using an old flannel shirt. Continue Reading →

Custom Made Glitter Wine Glasses Using Cricut

If you are interested in starting a small business from home the Cricut Vinyl cutter is a great investment.  There are so many uses for this machine it is incredible.  The first project I tried was these novelty glitter wine glasses. They were so easy to do and are very popular, so you will not have a problem selling them.  I did some research on which vinyl cutter to buy and it came down to two machines.  Continue Reading →

Halloween Wreath

Halloween Decor

This Halloween wreath was inspired by my 4-year old great-niece.  Last year was the first time for her taking part in the Halloween celebrations.  She was all dressed and ready with her candy, but no one came. Continue Reading →