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Woodworking Projects

DIY Paint brush Holder

If you do any sort of artwork and have a large collection of paint brushes you will know this struggle.  You are in the middle of a painting and need a specific brush but it is nowhere to be found. You then have to stop what you are doing and dig through your drawers to find it. And if your drawers are anything like mine that could mean emptying them out.  For this project, I wanted to make a wooden paint brush holder so I would have easy access to my paint brushes. Continue Reading →

3D Wooden Wall Art

Scrap wood wall art

This week’s post is our next challenge for our international blogger group.  This month’s challenge was “Hang her up” which is down to interpretation, so I made  3D wooden wall art using a 4×4 fencing post.  This was a fairly straightforward project, but the results are mind-blowing “literally”.  I sit and look at it at times and the design messes with your eyes. More about IBC is at the bottom of this post. Continue Reading →

Pallet Wood Heart

Pallet wood project ideasA new year and lots of new exciting challenges for our international blogger’s group.  Our first challenge this year is the “Pallet parade”.  The challenge is to create something using pallets. More about IBC is at the bottom of this post. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, I wanted to create a pallet wood heart and I used the scraps to make some wooden robots to make a cute wall hanging. Continue Reading →

Gouge Ball Shou Sugi Ban Art

A few months ago I posted some wooden wall art panels with a unique abalone effect that I discovered by mistake. This post has become one of my most popular posts because it was so unique. I had so many compliments on this wall art but I also got a few comments saying that it looks too hard. While I personally found them easy to make the process is very time-consuming. Today I will share how I cut my work time in half by using a gouge ball to create this Shou sugi ban wall art. Continue Reading →

Scrap Wood Mirror

DIY wood frame made from scraps of wood

Recently, I have been making projects from scrap wood to try and reduce my scrap woodpile. For this project, I wanted to try and use some of the smaller wood scraps to decorate a mirror frame. Continue Reading →

Snakeskin effect Shou Sugi Ban technique

Snakeskin effect shou sugi ban wall hanging

This project was one of those pleasant surprises you get when you cut corners and it pays off. I had this idea in my head that I wanted to learn how to carve into wood.  I am always trying to learn new skills and this one was next on my list.  The idea I had was to keep it simple at first and just carve wavy grooves into my wood. It was my laziness that resulted in this snakeskin-effect Shou sugi ban. Continue Reading →

Round Barn Quilt Table

Barn Quilt

At the moment my wood scrap heap is getting too big, so I needed to thin it out.  Barn quilts are a great project to make to use up your scraps.  I had an old round table that I was given and thought it would be good to try a round barn quilt table. I had to add this picture of my new puppies posing for the camera, they are just too cute. Continue Reading →

Teapot birdhouse and feeder

Repurposed teapot

This week’s post is the next challenge for our international blogger’s Club (IBC).  More about IBC at the end of this post. Our challenge this month is to create a project using broken china.  I live in a small country town in the middle of Woop Woop with access to only two charity shops in which to hunt for china items.  Unfortunately, all the china they had in store was a little pricy for me to smash up for a project.  So as a last resort I had to dig around in my cupboards at home. I had this old teapot which I thought would look great as a teapot birdhouse with a feeder. Continue Reading →

How to add colour to Shou Sugi Ban

How to add colour to Shou sugi ban

A few months ago, I made this wall hanging and the feedback was amazing.   It is one of my most popular projects and everyone wanted to know what I used to add the colours.  In this post, I will share how I coloured the Shou sugi ban and what products I used. Continue Reading →

Shou Sugi Ban Barn Quilt

Recently, I tried a new technique called Shou Sugi Ban (Japanese wood-burning) and I have to admit I am totally addicted to the look. My Idea for this project was to combine Shou sugi ban and a barn quilt. This unique wall hanging will look great on any wall and can be coloured to suit your home decor. Continue Reading →

Hobbit Style Dog House

DIY wooden deluxe dog house

Late last year we added two new Jack Russell terriers puppies to our family and boy are they a handful. Their latest stunt is pushing my 14-year dog out of her bed so they can have it.  So my idea for this project was to make them a little hobbit style dog house of their own. Continue Reading →

Multi-coloured Wood Wall Hanging

How to burn scrap wood and add colour to your wall hanging using Shou Sugi Ban.

I have recently discovered Shou sugi Ban and I must be honest and say I am totally addicted.  I have so many ideas flying around in my head for projects I want to make.  The idea for this project was to create a multi-coloured Shou Sugi Ban wall hanging to go under my pergola. Continue Reading →

How to Make a Wooden Suncatcher

DIY wooden suncatcher with coloured epoxy resin, for great garden decor.
I was at my Sisters house one day when I spotted a piece of wood under her carport.  It was in pretty bad shape but it looked so interesting I want to see if I could make something out of it. My first thought was a wooden sign but we all do that with a nice piece of wood. I wanted something different.  I decided on a wooden suncatcher, I had this idea in my head to drill holes in the wood and fill them with coloured epoxy resin. Continue Reading →