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Restoration of Captain’s Chair

How to restore a vintage captain's chair

This captain’s chair was sitting outside in the rain at my chiropractor’s office waiting to go into the skip. During my treatment, I mentioned the chair to him and asked if I could have the chair to practice on.  I had never restored a Captain’s chair before and thought it would be good practice for me. If l failed I had lost nothing but my time and the chair could continue its journey to the tip.

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How to make plastic look like granite

Garden statue makeover

Do you have an old garden statue that you love, but it has become worn out and haggard-looking, then this post is for you?  I am a big fan of Buddha statues and they are by no means cheap so I wanted to paint mine to get it looking great again.  Browsing around our local hardware store I saw this granite spray paint which will make my plastic look like granite stone. Continue Reading →

How to Restore an Antique Rocking Chair

rocking chair

I bought this rocking chair from my local buy, swap and sell website for $25.  Something about the chair caught my attention and I knew I had fabric leftover from another project to cover it.  I try and find cheap projects like this so I can get practice and learn new skills. Continue Reading →

How to Restore a Leather Top Desk

How to Restore a Leather Top Desk

I was asked by a friend if I would have a go at restoring his office desk, I was not too happy at first because all my projects are done using recycled materials so never had to worry about making mistakes. But thought how hard can it be!  So I accepted the task of restoring this table. Continue Reading →

Vintage Couch Restored

How to restore a vintage couch

This couch was posted on my local Buy, swap and sell site.  The owner stated that it was put outside and if you wanted it you could come and pick it up. They said if it was still there the next days it was going to the dump. This was one of my early day restorations so there is no step by step instructions.  But I wanted to show that just because it looks like trash it does not have to be. I could see the potential but I have not done a restoration like this so I thought it would be a good practice run for me.  My intention was to try and restore it and get some practice at the same time. Continue Reading →

Super Cute Chair and Matching Toy Box

Toddler chair and toy box

How cute is this toy box and chair that I made for my great niece?  I found this old pink chair of free on my local buy, swap and sell site. It was in such a mess, but what can you expect for free, and because it is free you are not going to lose anything if you don’t succeed in fixing it up. This is how I have taught myself to do these projects and thanks to google I learn new skills all the time Continue Reading →

Prison coffee table gets a makeover

This was one of the first projects I had done so no step by step tutorial but still great to share and to give others ideas. I saw this prison coffee table on my local for sale site for $10.00 and loved the design and thought I could give it a makeover. It is called a prison table so the lady told me but someone must have broken out because so many of the bars were broken or missing. The photo above was taken 4 years after I first gave it a makeover and one of the bars broke again, thanks to the kids. Continue Reading →

Coffee Table Gets a Makeover

Coffee Table Gets a Makeover

I am always on the lookout for interesting looking furniture, and my local facebook marketplace is one of the best places to look.  There is always someone getting rid of furniture that they no longer want, and most of the time it is free. But saying that the free furniture is usually in very poor shape.  The previous owner had started to sand the table but gave up for some reason and gave the table away. Continue Reading →