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Unique DIY Creations

DIY Wire Wind Spinner

It is time for our next International blogger club challenge (IBC) and this month’s theme was “Wired”.  The challenge was to create something using wire, this DIY wire wind spinner was my contribution. This wire wind spinner was very quick and easy to make and looks great hanging in the tree in my garden. More about (IBC) at the end of this post. Continue Reading →

Scrap Wood Mirror

DIY wood frame made from scraps of wood

Recently, I have been making projects from scrap wood to try and reduce my scrap woodpile. For this project, I wanted to try and use some of the smaller wood scraps to decorate a mirror frame. Continue Reading →

DIY Dementia Sensory Mat

Adult fidget mat

This week’s project is the next challenge in our International blogger club.  This month’s theme is “Hooked on Crochet”. I have no idea how to crochet but I did have a try and failed miserably. A basic crocheted square would not impress anyone in my opinion. So instead of pulling out of the challenge, I cheated.  I got a friend from work to crochet this mini lap mat that I would turn into a dementia sensory lap mat. Continue Reading →

Replacing retractable awning canvas

DIY awning fabric replacement

I have recently painted the inside and outside of my house.  I was so proud of myself for doing this and stood back to admire my hard work and straight away these awful blinds jumped out at me.  They were so faded and were literally falling apart from sitting outside in the elements for so long. I felt it was definitely time to replace my retractable awning canvas fabric Continue Reading →

Geometric Lion Wall Hanging

I have recently taken a few months off from blogging to repaint the inside and outside of my house.  Instead of putting the same wall decor back up, I wanted to create all new ones. My bedroom decor is all heavy wood with African themed bedding, so I wanted to try and create a geometric lion wall hanging made from faux leather. Continue Reading →

Snakeskin effect Shou Sugi Ban technique

Snakeskin effect shou sugi ban wall hanging

This project was one of those pleasant surprises you get when you cut corners and it pays off. I had this idea in my head that I wanted to learn how to carve into wood.  I am always trying to learn new skills and this one was next on my list.  The idea I had was to keep it simple at first and just carve wavy grooves into my wood. It was my laziness that resulted in this snakeskin-effect Shou sugi ban. Continue Reading →

How to make a cardboard bust

Recycled cardboard box mannequin

Sometimes I really regret calling my blog Unique Creations because sometimes it is really difficult to come up with something unique each time.  Our latest challenge for IBC (International bloggers club) was to come up with a project made from cardboard. More about IBC at the end of this post.  After a lot of brainstorming and coming up empty, I found inspiration in one of my failed mannequin projects. This cardboard bust was the result. Continue Reading →

How to add texture to mixed media art

How to add texture to mixed media art

This weeks post is our next IBC (International bloggers club) Challenge. Our theme this month is “All bottled up”, the challenge is to create a project using a bottle in some way.  If you follow my Facebook page you will know that doing mixed media art bottles is a hobby of mine.   I felt like I was cheating in this challenge because I felt it was going to be easy for me. More about IBC at the end of this post. Continue Reading →

Steampunk Book Lamp

DIY Steampunk Lamp

This weeks post is our first IBC (International bloggers club) Challenge of 2022. Our theme this month is “Bodacious Books”, the challenge is to create a project using a book in some way. My idea for this project was to create a lamp with a book as the base.  And if you follow my blog you will know I am steampunk mad, so it will be no surprise that I chose to make a steampunk-themed book for my lamp. Continue Reading →

Buddha Air Planter

This week’s post is the next challenge for our international blogger’s Club (IBC).  More about IBC at the end of this post. Our theme this month is “Mystical Makes”. I had no idea what this meant so I googled it and this was the meaning (relating to mystics or religious mysticism).  My first thought was “buddha” because I have so many around my home and garden.  I kept it simple this month and went for a Buddha air planter. Continue Reading →

Round Barn Quilt Table

Barn Quilt

At the moment my wood scrap heap is getting too big, so I needed to thin it out.  Barn quilts are a great project to make to use up your scraps.  I had an old round table that I was given and thought it would be good to try a round barn quilt table. I had to add this picture of my new puppies posing for the camera, they are just too cute. Continue Reading →

Teapot birdhouse and feeder

Repurposed teapot

This week’s post is the next challenge for our international blogger’s Club (IBC).  More about IBC at the end of this post. Our challenge this month is to create a project using broken china.  I live in a small country town in the middle of Woop Woop with access to only two charity shops in which to hunt for china items.  Unfortunately, all the china they had in store was a little pricy for me to smash up for a project.  So as a last resort I had to dig around in my cupboards at home. I had this old teapot which I thought would look great as a teapot birdhouse with a feeder. Continue Reading →

Futon Repurposed into a plant stand

If you follow my blog you will know I have two new Jack Russell terrors, and yes I mean terrors, not terriers. They are the most destructive dogs I have ever had but we love them anyway.  This repurposed futon was the result of another one of their destructive moments. Continue Reading →