How to make a Simple Planter from Scrap wood

DIY Wooden Planter

If you follow my projects you will know that most of my projects are made using recycled materials.  I hate getting rid of any wood, but when my woodpile gets a bit big I use the scraps to make simple projects.  And this is one of those projects.  I wanted to make a wooden planter for my succulents.

This wooden planter can be made to the size you require, you just need to adjust the sizes of the wood.

Pallet wood planter

How to make a wooden planter

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Cut your wood

My scrap wood was stained and varnished, so I ran them through a thickness planer to clean the wood up.  This is my most used machine in my workshop because I use recycled wood.   It is so quick and easy and the wood is cleaned up like new in seconds. Alternatively, you will need to sand your wood to clean it up.  

DIY wooden planter

I used the table saw to cut my wood into smaller lengths.  If you set up a guide on your table saw as the picture below, this will make sure all your lengths are the same size. 

DIY Wooden planter

I cut my wood to the following sizes for this wooden planter

  • 20 x 410mm x 35mm x 20mm 
  • 20 x 300mm x 35mm x 20mm
  • 4 x blocks for the legs
  • 4 x 360mm x 90mm for the base

DIY Wooden planter

I predrilled holes into the middle of the wooden blocks about halfway down. If you have screws long enough to go through your blocks you don’t need to do this step.

DIY wooden planter

Assemble the wooden planter

Start by attaching the 4 pieces of wood together for the base. You add some wood glue and use a nail gun to hold the wood in place while the glue dries. Next, you glue the 4 x 360mm x 90mm onto the frame. (like the image below. You can screw these in place from below to make sure the base stays in place.  I used a nail gun to secure mine.

DIY wooden planter

You can flip the base over and screw the legs into the base.  I added glue for extra support here.

Diy Wooden planter

Once the base is done, this wooden planter is very easy to build.  You line up the longer pieces with the shorter pieces in between them, making sure the outside is all lined up.  Then you add so glue and use a nail gun to hold them in place. This step is repeated until all the wood is gone or you have achieved the height you want.

DIY wooden planter

Stain and seal the wooden planter

Stain the wood which every colour you want and add 2 coats of outdoor varnish. I would recommend that you stain the wood before you put it together.  I found this step very time-consuming.

DIY Wooden planter

Add your plants

I don’t like to fill my wooden planters with lots of soil for succulents.  Instead, you can add some stones to the base and fill the planter at least 3/4 full.  You can now add your soil and succulents. This is a great way to get rid of all your scrap wood and you have a great wooden planter in the end.

DIY wooden planter

DIY Wooden planter

More DIY planter ideas

This planter was made using pallet wood to make this tiered planter.

Pallet wood planter

PVC Pipe photo planter, these will make an awesome gift.

How to make a PVC Pipe photo planter

Pinterest pin

Some ideas to help you make your own planters

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Wooden Planter
Wooden Planter
Wooden Planter

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