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How to make a bench from old Headboards

Headboard repurposed into a bench

When I first started building projects from recycled materials these headboard benches were all the rage. You just had to look at Pinterest and Instagram and they were everywhere.  I really wanted to try and make one but I could never find a matching headboard and footer from the same bed. Continue Reading →

Wine Barrel Table Greek Key Design

How to add a Greek key design to a tabletop

I have made a few of these tables over the past few years and I try and give each table a unique feature.  For this table, I wanted to add the Greek key design.  I first thought about getting a stencil made and adding the Greek key design around the border of the table.  But I could not find one that had more than one repeat which would take me forever to do, and I am not the most patient DIY.  So I turned to google for ideas and I found a design that made it look so simple.  This tutorial is not on how to make the wine barrel table but Just how to make the Greek key top.  For a wine barrel tutorial  Continue Reading →

How to make a Darts Stand/Holder

How to make a Darts stand/holder

Every Christmas we all get together for the day and one of the games we play is darts and every year we go through the same routine.  No one can find the darts.  So to stop all the drama of the missing darts I decided I would make a stand that would go onto the wall next to the dartboard.  That way we would always be able to find them. 

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How to get your DIY materials for free

 Recycle repurpose reuse and reclaim

If you look through my website you will see that nearly all my projects have been made using recycled materials.  This has enabled me to keep my hobby going with very little cost to myself for materials. 5 Years ago I decided I wanted to start woodworking as a hobby.  Between my husband and son, we had a shed full of tools that just sat there.  Because I had no training or skills I was always stuck doing basic boring projects for fear of messing it up and the wood being wasted.  And wood is not cheap.  Continue Reading →

How to make a Unique Firewood Stand

How to make a Unique Firewood Stand

Over the years I have made a few wine barrel tables and every now and then they come with 2 extra bands.  I always removed them because it looked better with only a few. I then had a few lying around and wanted to try and recycle them into something useful for the house.   I had seen many ideas on Pinterest and they were mainly used as garden decoration, but I wanted something different.  A firewood stand was my first choice.  I thought It would look great next to an indoor wood fire.  I had some rope that I bought years ago when our local hardware store closed down, so finally found a use for it. Continue Reading →

Vintage Cabinet repurposed into a Drinks Cabinet

Vintage Cabinet repurposed into a Drinks Cabinet

I saw this 1950’s Vintage cabinet on my local for sale site for $30.00 which I thought was a bargain.  I am still not 100% sure what it was used for, some sites said it was a display cabinet and other said it was a cutlery and crockery cabinet.  I wanted to try and restore the outside of the cabinet and repurpose the inside to be a bar/drinks cabinet.  I went for the bar theme because I have never had a problem selling anything that I have made that involves alcohol. Continue Reading →

Old TV Stand Repurposed into a Bench Seat with Storage

I got this old Television stand of my local facebook marketplace site and wanted to try and turn it into something unique that I could use in my house.  There are so many of these around now with the introductions of flat screen that get mounted on the wall. So keep a look out if you are interested because you can pick them up for free now.
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Bean Bag Toss Game For The Elderly

Bean bag toss

I work as an aged care nurse and recently I was asked to fill in as the activities officer which is the person responsible for entertaining our elderly residents. Having no experience and wanting to do something different I made them a game to play.  I have made them a horseracing game in the past and it was a huge hit. It was one of the few games that got all our resident to join in. I was finding it hard to think of new activities so I made them a bean bag toss game. Continue Reading →